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With over 70 years of expertise in the field, we take pleasure in being Dublin’s most friendly, experienced, and efficient locksmith. We are a 24 hour emergency locksmith serving all boroughs in Dublin.

More Than 70 Years Of Locksmith Experience

As a locksmith near me in Dublin, we are a small team of highly qualified, accredited, and competent emergency locksmiths in Dublin. We have over 7 years of experience in the profession and take pleasure in being the most courteous, competent, and efficient locksmith in Dublin!

  • Dedicated to completing the job in a single visit if possible.
  • Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • As a local locksmith, I have a 15-45 minute response time.
  • Our engineers carry a large selection of insurance-approved locks.

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We offer kitemarked locks with advanced security features. We will always advise you on the safest and finest option for your needs. Please email us via our Contact Us page for expert and FREE guidance as a Dublin Locksmith. We offer a 24-hour locksmith service as well as an emergency locksmith service.

Please contact us at (1800)882564.

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Locksmith in Dublin

Our personnel are outfitted with cutting-edge technology and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Throughout Dublin, we provide 24 Hour Locksmith and Emergency Locksmith services.

  • System of master keys
  • Cylinders with high security
  • Changing and rekeying
  • locks System of keyless entry
  • Rapid lockout service
  • Installation and repair of locks
  • Window locks
  • Padlocks and Deadlocks.
Fully Approved

The term “expert” is frequently subjective, but when we say it, we mean it. All of our locksmiths have Constructionline, CHAS, OHSAS 14001, ISO 4001, ISO 9001, and other certifications. We’re also fully accredited by Yale to install their goods, so you’re in good hands when you use our services.
So, whether your home’s external locks are malfunctioning and you’re concerned about the security they give, or if you’ve become locked out or misplaced your keys, the trustworthy Locksmith crew is available around the clock, 365 days a year to get your day back on track.
Simply give us a call, sit back, and we’ll get you back in and protect your home.

A Broad Selection

The Locksmith mobile team keeps a full stock of widely branded residential locks on hand at all times, including products from Union, ERA, and Yale. They do this to ensure that whether your circumstance necessitates a rim cylinder, a mortice lock, or a cylinder lock, they have it on hand and will not have to waste time seeking the essential hardware.

It’s never too far away.

When you require emergency locksmith services of any kind, chances are you have a limited amount of time. It’s possible that you’ve broken the key in your door and need to get to work, or that you’re locked out of your house due to inclement weather. In all cases, it’s comforting to know that a Locksmith representative will always make every effort to arrive within half an hour.

Guaranteed workmanship

When we work on your locks, you can rest assured that all parts used are protected by a 12-month manufacturer warranty and a 90-day guarantee on any work performed. Because we are offering an emergency service, the job should not be considered temporary.

We do not have a call-out fee.

We are committed to giving exceptional value for money at Locksmith, which is why we will never try to rip you off. So, no matter what circumstance you’re in, the cost of the job is all you’ll have to pay. There will be no exorbitant call out fee thrown on top to truly ruin your day! We don’t charge a call out fee because we understand that our company’s reputation is built on the satisfaction of the consumers we serve every day, and we believe that calling us out is all part of the service!

Locksmith Blog Posts

door handle, door knob, jack-625942.jpg

What is Lock Snapping?

Discover what lock snapping is & just how you can avoid lock snapping by suitable anti-snap locks to your uPVC door. If you have anti breeze locks fitted and also the ideal requirement of euro-cylinder lock to fit to make your locks anti-snap, discover.

Lock breaking subjects we will certainly cover on this web page are:

  1. The Approach Of Lock Snapping– Exactly how robbers snap the lock
  2. Just How an Anti-Snap Lock can protect against a Robbery
  3. What Locks go to Threat to Lock Snapping?
  4. Exactly how to inform you have a Euro Cylinder Lock Fitted
  5. Just how Do I Know If I Have Anti-Snap Locks?
  6. What Conventional Euro Cyndrical Tube Lock Ought To I Fit
  7. Incorrect & Correct Ways of suitable a Euro Cyndrical tube Lock

What is Lock Snapping?

You may well have come across “cyndrical tube snapping” or “lock breaking”. Lock snapping is a very usual method made use of by robbers to get into a home that has a euro cylinder lock, lock breaking requires ABSOLUTELY NO ability by the thief to snap the lock.

Euro lock cylinders prone to lock snapping are discovered on nearly all domestic houses that have UPVC doors, although a considerable variety of composite & aluminium doors use them as well, and they’re commonly utilized in business as well as residential settings.

1. The Method of Lock Snapping

The approach of lock breaking involves damaging the cyndrical tube to then control the lock to open.

Whilst you may believe that all the multi-locking factors on your door make it protect, it is essential to understand they are all operated by the cylinder– this is the weakest factor and if compromised all the securing factors are made pointless.

For how long does lock breaking take?

It can take just 5-10 seconds for a thief to snap the lock.

  • Calls for no expert devices or knowledge– Different Police Forces are advising locals that lock breaking is a technique of attack which calls for no expert devices or understanding.
  • 25% of robberies– West Yorkshire Police Force has found that 25% of break-ins use this method of entry.

How common is lock breaking?

Spreading over the Ireland— Whilst lock breaking formerly been limited mostly to the Yorkshire area we are now seeing Police giving warnings in various other parts of the nation.

Lock Snapping Break-in Stats

Review our lock snapping break-in stats blog post here where we disclose the percentage of break-ins entailing lock snapping, and why we think this crime gets on the decline.

2. How an Anti Break Lock can prevent a Robbery!

From the below picture you can see how fitting by an anti-snap euro cyndrical tube lock to these UPVC doors a break-in attempt has been stopped.

What lock is used to stop lock snapping?

The lock on the above door shielding it from breaking is a euro cylinder lock that is evaluated as well as approved to SS312 ruby standard, which makes the lock Anti Break.

Exactly how a lock will secure against lock snapping:

  • Lock has to be evaluated versus lock breaking
    • SS312 Ruby authorized lock cyndrical tubes have actually been checked to resist this specific type of attack
    • Transforming your euro account cyndrical tubes will secure your door, giving you with an anti-snap lock on your door.
  • Fit the lock properly– a locksmith will certainly also see to it the lock is fitted appropriately, not fitting in the appropriate way will certainly lead it prone to breaking.
  • There are various sizes of euro locks– Cyndrical tubes are readily available in different dimensions, so suitable the right size is crucial.

To get one of these fitted we suggest contacting your local 6vzfll. com Locksmith approved locksmith that can encourage you on getting one mounted to your front and back entrances.

3. What Locks are at Risk to Lock Snapping?

The only sort of euro cylinder lock at risk to lock breaking is a euro cylinder that is not tested as well as authorized to either SS312 Ruby or TS007 3 *.

We will certainly cover what typical lock you need to fit even more on in this short article.

Types of Euro Cylinder Locks in jeopardy to Lock Snapping

The list below kinds of euro cyndrical tubes are prone to lock breaking:

  1. Solitary Cylinders– just access from one side
  2. Dual Cyndrical tubes– access from both sides
  3. Thumbturn Cylinders– can unlock & lock from the inside without a key

Next, we cover just how to tell if you have a euro cyndrical tube fitted to your door.

4. Exactly how to tell you have a Euro Cyndrical Tube Lock Fitted

If you have a uPVC/composite or wooden door, the opportunities are you have a euro cyndrical tube lock, to assist you easily determine your sort of lock, please see the pictures below.

Images Of Euro Cylinder Locks

Below are some photos of what euro cyndrical tubes fitted to doors look like, which must assist you identify if you have a euro cylinder lock.

5. Just how do I recognize if I have anti-snap locks?

The first thing to know is you may see anti-snap locks referred to as snap-proof, snap immune or snap secure.

Is your euro cyndrical tube lock old? If the euro lock cylinder on your door was fitted before 2011 it practically certainly has actually not been evaluated for lock breaking so is not anti-snap,–.

Have a new lock cyndrical tube fitted to your door? A brand-new euro lock cylinder could be anti breeze, we will certainly discuss this listed below.

Anti-Snap Locks Introduced in 2011

The test standard for Anti-Snap locks was first introduced in 2011 with the Sold Secure SS312 diamond standard.

2 Ways to Discover Your Door Lock is Anti-Snap

Basically there are 2 methods you can make certain the euro cyndrical tube lock on your doors is anti-snap, the first is:

1. The lock is an SS312 Diamond Approved Cyndrical Tube

If a lock is anti-snap is by making sure your lock is an SS312 Ruby Approved Cyndrical Tube, one method of recognizing.

SS312 Ruby is the highest level of approval for a euro cylinder lock.

About SS312 Ruby Requirement

SS312 Diamond was released in 2011 by Sold Secure, various other criteria have been launched to quit lock breaking however the Sold Secure standard is seen by many as the leader as well as therefore the approval to have.

2. Lock has the 3 Celebrity Kitemark Logo Design

This suggests the lock is examined versus lock snapping if your lock has the 3-Star Kitemark Logo Design on it.

The Kitemark logo design can be found anywhere on the lock; it is typically discovered on either, the front or side of the euro cyndrical tube.

6. What Standard Euro Cylinder Lock Should I Fit?

To secure your door locks from lock breaking there are 3 ways to go.

ALTERNATIVE 1– Sold Safe 312 Ruby Approved Cyndrical Tube

Fitting a Sold Secure Diamond accepted cyndrical tube (SS312) will assist avoid being burglarized as this standard of euro cylinder is evaluated against lock breaking techniques made use of by lawbreakers.

CHOICE 2– TS007 3 Star Kitemark

If an SS312 Ruby cyndrical tube is not made use of, your euro cylinder lock ought to at the very least reach the TS007 3 star Kitemark criterion to give real resistance to breaking.

CRUCIAL: Don’t count on the supplier stating its snap resistance; you ought to constantly look for 3rd Celebration authorization to confirm a product’s performance.

CHOICE 3– 1 Celebrity Kitemark Cylinder with 2 Star Door Furnishings

A 1-star kitemark cylinder fitted with a 2-star kite mark door furnishings (door handle, cylinder guard ).

7. Just how should a Euro Cyndrical tube Lock be fitted?

It is important the euro cyndrical tube lock on your door is fitted correctly, as lock cyndrical tubes vary depending on the door and handle density.

The below pictures show the wrong and also right ways a lock should be fitted.

Incorrectly Equipped Euro Cylinder Lock– Prone to Lock Snapping

The pictures listed below is of a euro cylinder not fitted effectively:

Why this euro lock is fitted wrongly

The more of the cyndrical tube that comes, the much more prone it is to snap

Properly Fitted Euro Cylinder Lock

This is how a proper dimension and also effectively fitted lock cylinder must look:

Exactly how to fit a Euro Cylinder Lock properly:

  • The cylinder must not extend greater than 3mm from the take care of
  • Ideally need to be completely flush without any outside overhang.
  • The proper dimension of the cyndrical tube is important.

Summary on Lock Snapping

The quickest method to protect on your own versus this robbery method on the rise is basic, contact your neighborhood 6vzfll. com Locksmith locksmith to fit a Sold Secure Ruby approved cyndrical tube.


Such as 2-star kitemarked security takes care of if you want to go that additional mile then why fit some high-security door furniture too.

keys, stump, nature-1683108.jpg

Key Cutting Guide – Questions and Answers

Our guide to key cutting covers popular questions we get asked, such as how long it takes to cut keys, the cost to cut a key, replacing broken keys to specific types of security keys a locksmith can cut.

If you have lost your keys, or just want a spare you will want to know where is the best place to get new keys cut and the price it will cost.

This guide should answer all your questions key cutting related.

We will cover the following topics:

  1. Time to cut keys
  2. Where to get keys cut
  3. Cost to cut
  4. Broken keys
  5. Copying keys
  6. Security keys
  7. Spare keys
  8. Making keys

1. How long does key cutting take?

For a list of estimated times to cut keys, please read our key cutting price list which includes times.

“Yale” key ( small )

For a standard “Yale” type key ( smaller keys ) it takes less than a minute to cut; 25 seconds to find the correct key blank, 5 seconds to cut and 5-15 seconds to prepare the key for the customer.

The most amount of time taken will be on finding the correct key blank.

Mortice and “Chubb” keys ( larger )

Mortice (lever), often referred to as “Chubb” keys ( larger keys ) can take longer, up to 5 minutes, as they use different machines to cut the key and is more difficult to find the correct blank.

Safe keys

Standard safe keys take around 20-25 minutes, as they are difficult to cut, and might need cutting and finishing by hand. Some safe keys are double bitted, and these can take a lot longer to cut.

2. Where can I get a key cut near me?

To find a locksmith near you, please use our search tool to locate a key cutting shop or a mobile locksmith who can cut keys on site. Mobile locksmiths will be able to help with lost keys and replace broken keys as well.

The Cost To Cut Keys

3. How much does it cost to cut a key?

The average price cut a key start from around €4 for a house key. Prices usually start from the following:

  • Basic Yale Key – Around €4
  • Mortice and Chubb Type keys – from about €5
  • Safe keys – start from approx €15 due to the time taken to cut the key. Safe keys that are double bitted can be more expensive.

The cost increases for different types of keys due to the time it takes to cut the key and the type of blank used; some blanks are more expensive than others.

NOTE: The above prices are a guide, especially safe keys as rates can vary. Prices can vary in different regions of the Ireland, for example, Dublin may more expensive than others.

4. How much does a security key cost to cut on average?

The average price is around €10 – €20, this is more expensive than a standard key as they take longer to cut the key. Pricing can vary on security keys as sometimes keys have to be ordered from somewhere else.

Broken Keys

5. Can you cut a key from a broken key?

It is possible, as long as the parts are available and parts of the key are too damaged, the locksmith will need all the broken pieces though. They will be able to find the correct key blank and cut a new key that can be used in the existing lock.

If the key is too damaged, the locksmith can easily make a key to fit the lock.

6. What to do if you break a key in the lock?

This is time to call locksmiths 247. They will remove the broken parts of the key from the lock, then using a key machine in the van, the locksmith can cut a new key.

Copying Keys

7. What is a ‘do not copy’ / ‘do not duplicate’ key?

The phrase “do not copy” or “do not duplicate” means the key is restricted, either fitted by a landlord or owner of the property and is to stop copies being reproduced. Only a key that has a patent can truly be said to be restricted.

8. Can you make a key that cannot be copied?

The locksmith should be able to produce a patented key which is very difficult to copy, although not impossible, Keys such as security keys with a mechanical element in them are much more difficult to copy than ones without.

Basically, there is no key in the world that would be impossible to copy.

However, it is possible to legally protect a key from being copied by unauthorised people by using a patent.

Security Keys

9. I have a security key, can a locksmith cut the key?

If the locksmith has supplied the key, he may be able to provide you with a copy, but it depends who has originally registered the key, such as the owner, letting agent or landlord.

This also depends on if the blank is freely available or restricted. The locksmith may be able to order a key on your behalf with the correct letter of authorisation.

10. My key has the code ‘MLA’ on, followed by three numbers

The code MLA on the key means a locksmith holds the license to the key and is the only person who can replace the key for you.

11. How do I get restricted keys cut?

If you know which locksmith originally supplied the key you can contact them directly for additional keys. If not the locksmith should be able to obtain the key for you if you provide a letter of authorisation.

12. Can you duplicate a patented key?

Patented keys need to be supplied by the originating centre, who will have a license agreement with the manufacturer to supply the keys. If you don’t know who it is your local locksmith should be able to obtain the keys for you with a letter of authorisation.

13. Where can I get Ultion keys cut?

Locksmiths who are Ultion dealers can cut Ultion keys – their contact details will be on the Ultion website. There are copy blanks available for the Ultion range, but the manufacturers state that only genuine keys should be used – using a copy key invalidates the warranty.

To find who is registered to cut the key, there should be a name on the key and code, you should contact Ultion who can specify who the key is registered to.

Spare Keys

14. Can a landlord have a spare key?

This depends on the letting agent, between them and the landlord they should have a set of spare keys if it is rented.

Making Keys

15. Can a locksmith make a key from a picture

It is possible, but only for specific types of keys, usually, the key would have to be the original and the locksmith would need to know the brand of the key from the picture. This all depends on the skill and experience of the locksmith.

door, lock, blue door-1587863.jpg

What Can a Locksmith Do?

Lots of people assume a locksmith can aid when they are locked out of their residential property or require a crucial cutting, this is simply among the services that a locksmith can provide, however there are lots of others too, which is covered below.

A locksmith authorized by the MLA can alter the locks if you have actually just moved into a brand-new house, can give advice on enhancing the security such as changing your locks with anti snap locks or locks to BS3621 British Standard to satisfy your insurance requirements.

Rather than buying the locks yourselves from the neighborhood DIY store, as research study has shown that the degree of advice offered at these shops is alarmingly low.

You need to contact a MLA authorized locksmith to supply and come and also fit ideal locks for you, they will certainly understand the locks you’ll need so as not to invalidate your insurance coverage.

Locksmiths Do More Than Keys & Locks

But there are a lot of solutions that locksmiths can supply besides your just cutting keys as well as fitting locks, they are:

1. Cut all sorts of keys

Key cutting is an additional area of experience for locksmiths. Why obtain your keys reduced anywhere apart from by an experienced, professional locksmith?

A locksmith supply a vital reducing service will certainly be able to reduce keys for any type of kind of lock such as garage door lock, cupboard, back door, upvc door, padlock and so on. )

Work Includes:

  • Cutting keys by hand
  • Device crucial cutting
  • Security keys
  • Restricted keys

2. Window and Door Locks– Supply, Fit & Repair service

One of one of the most usual locations of locksmiths is UPVC door and window locks on a residential residence.

UPVC locks as well as home windows are a professional location of locksmithing, a lot of MLA locksmiths will certainly be able to supply, fit, service as well as repair door and window locks.

Certainly, it’s not only doors that require windows however locks too– so ensure your MLA licensed locksmith fits your window locks as well.

3. Security Safes– Open, Supply, Fit & Repair service

Ensure you obtain a risk-free that has actually been professionally specified for your requirements and also fitted correctly.

Work includes:

  • Opening up vaults and also safes– from electronic safes to dial lock safes
  • Repairing safes
  • Providing and also setting up safes
  • moving huge vaults as well as security safes.

4. Vehicle Keys and also Locks– Automobile Locksmiths

Some locksmiths supply an automobile locksmith solution whereby they can be experts in locks and keys for vehicles:

Job Includes:

  • Copying and duplicating auto keys
  • Fixing car keys and also locks
  • Programming vehicle crucial remote keys
  • Replace shed cars and truck keys

5. Gain access to control Equipments

Some professional locksmiths will have the ability to define, supply and mount digital gain access to control systems.

Accessibility Control system permits companies to control that can access a building, this avoids individuals from accessing a building who do not have consent.

Don’t neglect that locksmiths can deal with business and also residential properties so if you have a security need for your organization after that ensure you contact your local MLA accredited locksmith.

6. 24 Hr Emergency Locksmith

Shed your keys or only require the locks replacing & transforming an out of hours service is offered from some locksmiths if your locked out at an unsociable hr.

Work consists of:

  • Emergency Lockouts
  • Break-in repairs
  • Help with shed keys
  • Extra essential cutting

Have they been DBS vetted as well as checked?– Make sure your locksmith has been individually recognized as vetted, checked as well as competent for the task available.